Wonders of Wadi Rum

Rum Bridges


Wadi Rum desert offers magnificent rock shapes and combination of Sand Dunes with different colors and space. Fissures cut deep into the mountains, vertical cliff walls carved by floods after the last Ice Age, Rock bridges, and arches of different heights and shapes of unusual characteristic.



Traveling through the Valley of the Moon (Wadi Rum nickname), with one local Bedouin guide of the very friendly Bedouin tribes that still live in their goat hair tents, the locals will provide you access to the wonders of a frontier similar to the Moon and Mars and witness a Celestial Rain across the clear skies of Wadi Rum
Stargazing at Rum

Stargazing; Wadi Rum is one of the special and favorite places for stargazing holidays around the world. Far from any pollution with incredibly clear desert sky, the ideal place to witness the celestial rains at its peak, August is the month of cosmic holidays, between the 8th and 14th beneath the milky way and the total silent across the evening sky of the Valley of the Moon.

Rum Desert Sunrise

Sunset and Sunrise Views; experience the great views of the sunset and sunrise, the beauty of changing colors of giant sandstone mountains of rust and sands of gold offered by the ecosystem of Wadi Rum desert at various locations at different time of the year.

Sand Dunes at Rum

Sand Dunes; the soft and colorful sand dunes are one of the most popular attractions of Rum Desert. An ancient landscape of stunning areas of rocky sand mixed with large valleys of sugary sand, Red yellow and white Sands. The amazing color changes depending on the intensity of the sunlight and the sun's position, while the consistency of the sand changes in few hundreds of meters.

Rum Natural Rock Bridges

Bridges and arches; Wadi Rum is the land of the sand arches, some named, and others not named and only known by locals, The Rum natural Reserve has one of the highest natural arches in the world, and this magnificent arch is located on top of Burdah Mountain. Other bridges scattered along the desert, Small, Middle and Large bridges that requires experienced persons with a guide to climb to its tops.

Rum Inscriptions

Wadi Rum Inscriptions; according to UNESCO, the entire area is a mixe of natural and cultural site. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the combination of 25,000, Petroglyphs and rock carvings with 20,000 inscriptions and archaeological remains illustrates the evolution of pastoral, agricultural, and urban activity in the region; Anfashieh Inscriptions and the Khaz'ali are good examples of these ancient rock drawings.

Rum Ancient Tracks

Ancient Tracks and Bedouin Roads; many ancient roads dated back to Thamudic times used by hunters, some gathers of medical plants and herbs, caravans crossing from time to time. Bedouin Roads and secret ways through cracks and sand canyons, marks inscribed and scratched onto rock surface all over the entire desert and mountains of Wadi Rum.


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The Wonders of Wadi Rum desert


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