Rum Travel Guide

Wadi Rum Travel Guide

A journey to Wadi Rum is a journey to another world, a vast, silent place, timeless and starkly beautiful, Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) is one of Jordan's main tourist attractions being the most stunning desert space in the World, lying 320 km southwest of Amman, 120 km south of Petra, and only 68 km north of Aqaba.

What you need to know about Wadi Rum

Remains and traces in the sites, testify to 12,000 years of human occupation and interaction with the natural environment. The traces of the evolution of human thoughts and the early development of the alphabet

What to See

Everywhere in this moonscape place are indications of man's presence since the earliest known times. Scattered around are flint hand axes, while on the rocks at the feet of the mountains the names of ancient travelers are scratched

More of Wadi Rum

The ideal location for hiking, climbing and trekking. Except in summer months, climbing the Rock Bridge here is unforgettable. 4x4 vehicle tours and hot air balloon riding. Horse and camel Riding trips from, to either Aqaba or Petra

What Else

Wadi Rum desert offers magnificent rock shapes and combination of Sand Dunes with different colors and space. Fissures cut deep into the mountains, vertical cliff walls carved by floods after the last Ice Age


NASA Sattlite Map of Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum Protected Area map

Wadi Rum Photos
Images and graphics of Wadi Rum sites taken by us

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