The History of Madaba


Medeba - waters of quiet, an ancient Moabite town


Madaba HistoryIn many respects, Madaba is a typical East Bank town, which differs, in one major aspect, underneath almost every house lays a fine mosaic. Mosaic floors of the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad eras, many of these mosaics been excavated and are on display in the town's museum, but it is estimated that many more lie hidden waiting to be discovered.



Neolithic Period:



1200 B.C.

Madaba history dated back to the Neolithic and it was once a Moabite border city. First mentioned in the Bible at the time of the Exodus.

Hellenistic Period:

165 - 110 B.C.E.

In the Hellenistic Period, the Ammonites had conquered Madaba, but became part of the Kingdom of the Nabateans, inscription confirms that the Land of Madaba formed part of the Nabataean Kingdom of Petra under of Banu Amrat. Another Nabataean and Greek monument found at Al-Mushaqqar close to Mount Nebo read the name of a Nabatean priest Zaidallas Petrigenous buleuta of Madaba.


106 – 451 A.D.

Madaba city gradually became Roman and part of the Roman province of Arabia, evidence for the city plan of Romans period showing the paved and columned street that crossed the northern part of old Madaba city.


611 - 614 A.D.

The city continued to expand also during the Byzantine Empires from the second to the seventh centuries A.D. until the invasion of the Persian in 611 - 614 AD.


747 A.D.

The city became simply ruins and buried by earthquakes deep in the sands and no evidence indicate any inhabitants in Madaba at the time of the Crusades


762 C.E.

Until early Islamic of the Umayyad period 762 C.E. one of the largest empires the world had yet seen, and the also during the Abbasid 1258, the city was re - inhabited and start to grow again.


1258 - 1880

After the Mamluk of Egypt until 1519, power was transferred to the Ottomans, 1884 the city was re - inhabited and start to grow again. Christians from Karak resettled in the city during the Ottoman Period around 1880. in1884, during the clearing of the ruins, the famous 6th century mosaic map of Palestine was uncovered.



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