Staying Healthy
Due to the diversity of Landscapes in Jordan, traveling to Jordan means traveling in different climates and environments, this can expose you to health risks,
If you have a pre-existing medical condition please tell us and tell your tour guide about your condition




Eat and drink safely;

Staying Healthy Drink plenty of water in hot climates to avoid dehydration, and always carry a bottle of mineral water with you when visiting sites to avoid dehydration.


Staying Healthy Avoid drinking tap water, mineral water is available every where in Jordan and you can get it at shops or at your hotel, or you simply ask your tour guide to get it for you,


There are restrictions on food imports even for personal use.


Staying Healthy Don't walk hungry, if you are Vegetarian and organic eater you should advice us to confirm your special meal request, some meals need to be requested a day in advance.


Staying Healthy Middle Eastern food is very tempting and it is a heavy cuisine, unless you have a sensitive stomach, or you have any restrictions in your diet, it is a good idea to try Jordan local and typical cuisine,


Please note the following:

Many sites in Jordan is located in mountains and is very cold at winter, except for Jordan Valley, Aqaba and the Dead Sea,


Staying Healthy To visit certain sites, you should be of reasonable health and fitness,


Staying Healthy For Petra, walking distance from the Visitor's Center to the Basin and return is 8 Kilometers, a good walking shoes is a must,


Staying Healthy Horse, donkey and Camel ride services at Petra and Wadi Rum are uninsured,


Staying Healthy Wadi Rum is a Desert area, and is also cold at winter,


Staying Healthy Vehicles used at Wadi Rum for Safari Tours are open jeeps that have no seatbelts and are not suitable for anyone with a bad back, and is also uninsured,


Travel Insurance:

We recommend that all persons have their own travel insurance.

Travel insurance is not expensive; you should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before traveling.


Insurance essentials:


Staying Healthy Medical insurance,


Staying Healthy Sporting injuries,


Staying Healthy Contents insurance,


Staying Healthy Flights Delay and cancellation.

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