Petra Ancient SitesPetra Treasury
To accommodate more than 30,000 people scattered over more than 1,000 square kilometers, the Nabataeans filled the city with palaces and bathhouses, several other public buildings and houses with places like agricultural centers, trading suburb with re-supply posts for camel caravans, and in the religious part of the city, they built temples and tombs.
Obelisk-Tomb Bab El-Siq

From the Maine Gate of Petra Park to the entrance of the Siq, Tombs and caves

The-Siq The Siq

Natural tectonic gorge with Water System,Check Dams, Idles and Niches, Camel Caravan Sculpture

The-Treasury The Treasury

This site is a mystery tomb-temple designed to strike and impress...

Petra Facade Street Facade Street

Carved tombs built to Honer military Generals and leaders, with many buried Facades

High-Place-of-Sacrifice High Place of Sacrifice

Best preserved sacred places of the ancient world for important Nabataean gods

Petra Theater Petra Theaters

Large and smaell carved Theaters and ritual gathering place used by the Nabateans

The-Royal-Tombs Petra Royal Tombs

A great Wall of Tombs structured for un Known Nabatean kings overlooking the City Center

Petra City Centre Petra City Center

Colonnaded street, monumental courtyard, ruined temple and public fountain

Petra Main Temples Petra Main Temples

The largest complexes served as government or administrative center

Petra-Churches Petra Churches

Many Byzantine Church decorated with Marble and mosaics

The-walls-of-Petra Petra Crusader Castles

Crusaer forts, astle and Watchtower built around the Petra and near locations

Al Habis Crusader Castle Al Habis

A Religious high place and remains of a small crusader castle and Tombs

The-Monastery The Monastery

The largest Monument in Petra, a temple or Tomb with magnificent Viewpoints

Jabal Aharoun Jabal Haroun

Mount Hur, a holy ground to the people of Petra, Jewish, Christian and Muslim

Petra Wadies and monuments Wadies and Monuments

Caravan rout with many tombs and facades for high-ranking figure

Petra Wadies and monuments Mountains and Monuments

Mountains with sanctuary, cisterns, reservoir, High Places and idol niches


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Petra Mountains


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