Little Petra SitesPetra El Bidah
Little Petra was one of the main commercial and lodging area with supply post for camel caravans and an agricultural center, with ancient vineyards and grape-pressing sites with the largest Nabataean cistern in the area,

Beidha Neolithic Site

Beidha Neolithic Site; one of the first settled villages in human history, the remains of Pre-Pottery Neolithic period from 7200BC to 6500BC. an example of first transition from nomadic life to settled villages, the village where destroyed by fire, rebuilt again but where abandoned in 6500 B.C.

Lttle Petra Trails

Al Meisrah; an Ancient Nabatean rout from Petra monastery to little Petra and vise versa that leads to Al Kharruba area in little Petra, many tombs are located along Wadi El Meisrah.

Beidah Villages

Baajeh Neolithic village; an Edomite settlement located 5 km north of Little Petra, the village is on top of sandstone hill surrounded by sheer cliffs, an environment that offers an example for the social and environmental development of life and water harvesting using dams.

Siq El Barid

Siq Al Barid; a short Siq named for the cold wind that blows down the gorge, situated at the point where several ancient caravan routes meet, leads to Wadi full of tombs and a temple similar to Petra sites, with tricliniums to feed merchants and travelers.

Painted Biclinium

Painted Biclinium; the only surviving example of Nabataean paintings of Birds, grape vines and flowers, dated back to the first century AD, this painting covers the ceiling of a biclinium located north of Siq El Barid.

Bir Al AraYes

Bir Al Arayes; a Nabatean massive rock-cut Water Cisterns, located at the entrance of small Petra, a water storage used to supply the caravan stations and the market area and shelter caves.

Beidah Mountains

Jabal Garoon; located to the northwest from El beidah, the site can be reached through Umm El Elda and Al Farsh, it has panoramic view overlooking Wadi Araba, Jabal Ed deir and Haroun Mountain.

Petra El Beidah

Al Farsh; a vast and flat area in Beidah, a landscape similar to African safari, full of Juniper trees and still cultivated by locals for growing wheat and Parley, with old houses of limestone, it is the trail to Garoon Mountain.

Al Amti

Al Amti; Al-Amti village was a secured caravan stop station along the area, with water collection systems in the surrounding hills and inside the village with wine pressing sites which indicate that grapes being grown in its nearby fields.

Beidah sites

Siq Al Barid Temple, a two story Nabatean structure located to the left side at the entrance of Siq Al Barid, the lower part has chambers for services, no evidence show that it was used as a temple, there are no entry to get to the structure as normally found at temples.

Nabatean Markets

Nabatean Markets, a flat area with remains of pavement, pillars and walls around, located next to Beer Al Arayes before Siq Al barid, the place was the main caravan markets at the ancient Nabatean times were trade transactions and business took place.

Beidah Landscapes

Al Hillain, one of the best locations in Al Beidah beautiful land scrapes located to the east of little Petra at Al Shara mountains, the highest mountain range in south Jordan. It has the best view overlooking small Petra, Dana, Wadi Araba and Petra.

Siq El Barid Temple

Kings Hall, a Nabatean façade carved into the rock with chamber inside, located to the right before the entrance of Siq El Barid, a place used to serve the kings, religious leaders and super wealthy traders used to come with caravans.

The Road to El Hisheh

Al Hisha, one of the natural green forest full of old Oak trees, located at the high mountains of Al Shara at more than1500 meters above sea level, it connects Petra with Al Shoubak via a country road that overlooking Small Petra and Beidah, considered as a national park for locals.


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