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Experiencing Trekking and great hikes in hundreds of hidden canyons and valleys lead down to the Dead Sea along the rift of Jordan’s Grand Canyon.

Canyoning trips that demands a high level of participant endurance, from both beginners and experienced people who are in strong physical shape and skilled in technical scrambling.

Swimming, jumping, abseiling, and floating along virgin territories that raises the adrenaline level as you rappel from higher walls and dive into clear deep pools of pure, transparent turquoise water from steep cliffs, waterfalls, and Hidden slides.


Wadi Yarmouk

North of Amman - Mafraq, Irbid, and El Balqa Areas; tracks and hiking trails starting at Volcano trail of Harrat Al-Shaam at Mafraq area, Sartaba - Jebel El Husn, Archeological site of Tabaqat Fahl (Pella) and Wadi Al Hammeh with Wadi Zubia which offers excellent views to the North Jordan valley and lake of Tiberias.

Next is the pine forest Umm Tall, Debeen area north of Amman and near Jerash, Al Rumman area, waterfal of Gilaad, the stunning views of King Talal Dam and Wadi Shoaib with the different landscape at Iraq El Amir near Amman.


Wadi Ma'in

Madaba and northern Dead Sea Area; these are wide canyons with waterfall, pools and palm trees, trails and track connecting Madaba platue with the northern parts of the Dead Sea area, across Moaab from Wadi Mukheries to Wadi Manshala, and Wadi Himara which has the highest waterfall in Jordan (80metters High).

More and more Sandstone canyons with Natural Hot Springs and natural Jacuzzis at Wadi Zarqa Ma'in, beside the spectacular trails of Wadi Abu Khusheiba all providing hiking adventures and views of natural sites that nowhere else could be seen on Earth.


Wadi Moujeb Dam

The Mujoub and Dhiban Area; this is the lowest nature reserve in the world, with major trails (Moujeb Trails), beside swimming, jumping, floating and abseiling, it offers expedition of extensive trekking through dry land and river trails with different types of adventures with proper gear and local guides and experts.

Wadi El Wala, Wadi El Hidan and Wadi Attun also provides great adventures through red sandstone and palm trees with natural pools, hot waterfalls and springs of Ein Zara, and the limestone gorge of Wadi Daba.


Wadi Tannor

Karak and Mazra‘a Area; colorful Sandstone and sheer rocks gorges with hanging gardens of oleander and palm trees extending from Wadi Ibn Hammad and Wadi Karak along the way to Gur Mazra'a, aside with Wadi Assal dry and waterfalls that requires good abseiling skills, with Wadi Numeira and Wadi Hudeira overlooking the Dead Sea.

Wadi Hasa (the Biblical Zered river), hanging gardens and hot water springs of Wadi Afra, used to be the natural border between Moab and Edom, along with Khirbet Tanur with the Nabatean temple, the wadi extend from Hammam Burbeita to Wadi Qatara at Gur El Safi.


Wadi dana

Tafila and Dana Nature Reserve; the largest nature reserve in Jordan, extending from the upper edge of the great rift of Jordan valley down to the desert of Wadi Araba south of the Dead Sea, at Wadi Dana several hundred meters of red and white sandstone with forests extends down to sea level desert of the great and colorful sand dunes.

For hiking downhill or uphill, Wadi dana, Rummana, Khirbet and Wadi Feynan with the ancient copper mines, the subtropical oasis of Wadi Hamra, the hanging gardens and pools of Wadi Aima and Wadi Khanzira, Sandstone gorges at El Barrah.


Wadi Musa and Wadi Mudlem

Shoubak and Petra Park areas; slot canyons with red sandstone gorges of stunning breathtaking views, tracking through time and history, starting at Wadi Ghuweir, with running water through canyon walls, with 60 meters of cold waterfalls, a strenuous trip abseiling and swimming, tracings the Nabateans route along Wadi Feid.

Trekking the ancient caravan routes and hiking through Black Mountains and Canyons of Petra and little Petra, hiking through Siqs and secret tracks along the great Nabatian Kingdome.


Wadi Rajif

Rajef and Humeima Area; a wide diversity of landscapes, colorful domes and sandstone with igneous canyons with red, white and yellow sand dunes, along the ancient camel trails and hidden secret route of the Nabateans.

white sandstone with limestone domes are spread all over from Rajef area and through Wadi Hurma, Wadi El Qaa and Wadi Abu El Urouq, more and more of wonders at Wadi Julaif and Wadi Tajra, to the sand dunes of Wadi Rukaya, connecting the southern region of Petra to Humeima and other wadies like Wadi Khubath to Wadi Rahma.


Wadi Rum - the Moon Valley

Wadi Rum area; the eroded rock formations with the Golden shades and silent nature of Wadi Rum desert and landscape, was once the ancient hunting routes of the Nabatians, the amazing Valley of the Moon, where Jordan's highest mountain peaks are located.

Routes and track for all possible activities from short walks, camel treks and 4WD journeys staring through magical natural features and the Eco variation of Al Khaza'aly and Qattar Spring, Wadi Um Ishrin, Wadi Barragh, Siq Umm Al Tawaqi, Wadi Makharas and Wadi Al-Kharazh and more to Siq Nogra and Jabal Umm Adaami.


Wadi Araba Jordan

Aqaba and south of Wadi Araba area; starting from Wadi Rahma at Wadi Aaraba, Jabal Sor, Humeima, with Jabal Baqer the highest mountain at Aqaba, offering spectacular panoramic view of Wadi Rum Aqaba city, Sinai Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Following Wadi Al Yutom and Wadi Al Mizfar off Roading towards Jabel Baqer, and overlooking the south end of Wadi Araba an intersection that connects the great network of ancient trade route to the various parts of the ancient civilizations.


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