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Further down the coast are a dazzling undersea world of some of the most spectacular coral reefs to be found anywhere in the world, often over many hundreds of meters wide, the reef is made up of many delicately hued corals among which live a myriad of brilliantly Colored fish.


What you need to know about Petra

Records indicate the building of the fist port in Aqaba with the help of the Phoenicians for exporting copper and other good and was King Solomon' naval base. Ayla, the connection Via Traiana Nova and the story of the ancient trade routs..


What to See

For relaxation, water sports, and winter warmth, Aqaba is warm, sunny and inviting, fringed with palm trees, lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. Cooled by a steady northerly breeze, a city of resorts ringed by mountains that change in color with the change of the hours...


More of Aqaba

All year round Snorkeling, water skiing, wind surfing, Para-sailing, fishing and a variety of other water sports, including unsurpassed scuba diving. Combining your shore vacation with entertainment and shoping at Free Zone city, shop without having to pay any duties on the goods...


What Else
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A stroll around the modern town will reveal the presence of some excellent fish restaurants and craftsmen are to be found at work filling small bottles with colored sand in intricate geometric designs. Whatever the visitor's interest, a wide range of hotels provide excellent accommodations, facilities for all water sports, and restaurants that cater to the most selective tastes.

Where to stay

Offering a selection of hotels located very close to Petra park, comfortable and safe options and easy to find, choosing by price or by star rating. All Petra Hotel is connected to the airport and other area points of Jordan sites and cities...

How to get there

street map of the city...

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Aqaba the Pride of the Red Sea



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