Aqaba Public and Private SitesAqaba Sites

A stroll around the modern town will reveal the presence of some excellent fish restaurants and craftsmen are to be found at work filling small bottles with colored sand in intricate geometric designs


Aqaba Visitor Center

Aqaba Visitor Center; located by waterfall at Aqaba downtown at Al-Hammamat Al-Tunisyya street, offers a very helpful information about Aqaba and tourism, open daily from 8.00 Am to16.00 Pm.



Aqaba Heritage Museum

Aqaba Heritage Museum; a newly established museum located at the city beach, containing photos of the many old stages and sites of the city along with the traditional arts and samples of old life in Aqaba.

Great Arab Revolt Plaza

Great Arab Revolt Plaza; Located in front of Aqaba Museum with The Great Arab Revolt Flag, a 137-meter high flagpole is the second largest flag in the world the size of the flag is 20 x 40 meters.

Noor Alhussein foundation shop

Noor Alhussein foundation shop; (souq ayaddi), located near Aqaba Museum, the showroom offers Jordanian and local artisans handicrafts made by Noor Al Foundation’s staff local artisans.

Aqaba Bird Observatory

Aqaba Bird Observatory; Maintained by the Jordan Society for Sustainable Development. the first specialized observatory for birds in Jordan. With two rare Migrating birds, native and local species, Forest and Wetland habitat.

Aqaba Gateway Complex

Aqaba Gateway Complex; a comericial and entertainment complex located at Downtown Aqaba, with the Gateway Cinema provides the Jordan Experience Show, which is a special movie about Jordan.

Royal Yacht Club Aqaba

The Royal yacht club; a private club organizes and supports all water activities including races and yacht activities at the Gulf of Aqaba, also provides workshop services, Safety and Boating Training, Refueling, and Catering by its own restaurants.

Aqaba Marine Park Aqaba Marine Park; a protected area under the supervision of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, located south of the city of Aqaba. Aqaba’s best coral reefs and marine life, with facilities open to public.
Aqaba Tala Bay

Aqaba Tala Bay; located 14 KMS south of city center, with integrated residential and tourism resorts, sirrounded by six luxury hotels, with Marina Town includes villas, apartments, swimming pools, commercial areas, restaurants.

Royal Diving Club Aqaba

The Royal Diving Club; a private club combines a diving center, with a private beach and the Coral Bay Hotel, located 18 kms from the city center.

Mina Zayed Aqaba Mina Zayed; a Newly planned real estate and tourism project in Aqaba with waterfront and several marinas with cruise ship terminal, also contains, entertainment, business and financial districts and several branded hotels.
Ayla Al Aqaba

Ayla Project; a future project under construction at Aqaba northern cost, consisting of luxury Hotels, Shopping and Residential areas including villas, townhouses, apartments with commercial complex along with Golf Academy and utilities golf courses.

Saraya Al Aqaba

Saraya Al Aqaba; a massive project with Water Park and lagoons, including 5 stars Hotels and housing complexes with villas and apartments built similar to the Andalusia Moroccan style.


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