Aqaba Historical and Archaeological SitesAqaba Historical Sites
Of special interest among the ancient and medieval Archaeological sites are the early Islamic city called Ayla and the site of the oldest church in the world

Aqaba Castle

Aqaba Forte; a crusaders castle reconstructed by the Mamluks in the early 14th century, as a military and Caravan-sirai to serve pilgrim traveling to Mecca


Aqaba Museum

Aqaba Museums; Located by Aqaba Castle, displays a number of exhibits with many information of the old city of Aqaba , it was the home to Sharif Hussein bin Ali, who lead the Great Arab Revolt aginst the Ottomans.


Ayla City Ruins

Ayla City Ruins; an archaeological site was inhabited by the Nabataeans, then Romans and contains the ruins of Islamic city constructed during the early days of the Islamic era, ruins and remains of the wall and its towers and gates, the ruins of the mosque and other buildings.


The late Roman Church

The Late Roman Church; dating back to the 3rd century AD, the oldest purpose-built church Known in the world, was destroyed by earth quake in the year 363 AD.


Tel Al Maguss Aqaba

Tell Maquss; located north of Aqaba city, contains remains dating back to the Chalcolithic period, with evidence show that copper is transported from Feynan copper mines for further possessing to be re-exported to other places.


Tal Hujayrat Al Ghuzlan

Tal Hujayrat Al Ghuzlan; the area of Tal Hujayrat Al Ghuzlan, Located near Wadi Al Yutum, contains copper ore and moulds used to make copper crafts, in addition to important remains linking Aqaba to its metallurgical past. Excavations at these sites revealed human habitation dating back to 3700-3200 B.C.


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