Incient Sites and Roads in JordanANCIENT Sites in JORDAN
Jordan is the natural art and Exhibition home for monuments of the main periods of humankind, an extraordinary archaeological heritage, which survived the devastation of history and the deterioration of time,
Jordan Prehistorical Sites Neolithic
Pre-Historical Sites Prehistoric villages and settlements of the Stone ages, dates as far back as 8000 BC, the early farming and hunting communities, during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, the largest urban and population centers in the area and the largest prehistoric population centers in the Near East...
Historical sites of Jordan
Historical and Archaeological Sits Jordan represents the time and place that includes the sites and themes of everyday life of various cultures, beginning with the timeline of human history combined with the place were the three great religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, originated....
Nabatian Sites
Nabatean Sites With the extent of the trade with others; this resulted in cross-cultural influences, the Hellenistic culture of their neighbors influenced them greatly, Hellenistic influences are most. The Nabatean art and architecture, tombs and building style incorporates Assyrian, Egyptian Babylonian and Roman characteristics....
Biblical Sites of Jordan
Biblical Sites Increasing numbers for religious pilgrims today begin their own journey of faith in Jordan. For in so doing they can retrace the entire saga of God's revelation to humanity and the development of the Abrahamic faiths, holy Sites and churches, tombs and shrine of many prophets, pilgrimage sites...
Ismlamic sites in Jordan
Islamic Sites Tombs and shrines of messengers and profits, tombs and shrines of companions and leaders of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Muslim religious and historical Sites in Jordan.The first territory to which Islam spread outside of the Arabian peninsula, the site of the first contact between Islam and the non-Arab world...
King's Highway
The Ancient Roads and Routs in Jordan An ancient trade routes indexing many sites of prehistoric villages, biblical towns, Crusader castles, Christian mosaics, Nabatean temples, Roman fortresses, Islamic towns and many of the archaeological sites along Jordan.Overland ancient roads, Joining the King's Highway, Silk Road, Spice Road, Perfume, Incense and the Via Traiana Nova...

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